Laravel Valet: Change from .dev to .test domain

Yesterday I got that "Your connection is not private" message after trying to access my local website with .dev domain.

Your connection is not private .dev domain

Luckily I was aware of the problem thanks to people from PHP Srbija who posted this article on their facebook page.

There is a simple way to do this - just type (thanks to the comment below):

valet domain test

This was my initial hack which is unnecessary because there is a simple valet command to change domains

Since I'm using Laravel Valet first thing I've tried was to update the package, but no luck, so these were the steps that worked for me.

cp /etc/resolver/dev /etc/resolver/test

Open valet config ~/.valet/config.json and change domain from dev to test.

Open dnsmasq config ~/.valet/dnsmasq.conf and change content to


Restart dnsmasq - not sure if this is required, but that is what I did

pkill dnsmasq

Restart valet

valet restart


I plan to write more articles about common laravel components. If you are interested let’s stay in touch.
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